Griffith's Land Valuations 1864
Lurgan Town Street Index T

Description of Tenement

Thomas Street
Allen, Matthew: House and small garden.
Barris, Charles: House.
Carey, Thomas: House and small garden.
Cordner, John: Building ground and garden.
English, Robert: House and building ground.
Falloon, John: House.
Friar, Samuel: House.
Gamble, Anne Jane: House and small garden.
Johnson, Thomas: House and small garden.
Kerns, Frances: House.
Knox, Rev. Thomas: Building ground (waste).
McCraynor, John: House and small garden.
McDonnell, John: House and small garden.
McMahon, Martha: House.
McMullen, Mary: House.
McShane, Henry: House.
O'Neill, Gordon: House and small garden.
Parkinson, Edward J. Garden.
Simonton, John: House.
Turkington, Joseph: House

Thompson's Court (Off Church Place)
Bell, Robert: House.
Cartwright, James: House.
Cassells, Robert: House.
Connolly, John: House.
Davis, Maxwell: House.
Doyle, Jane: House.
Gillan, Thomas: House.
Griffin, James: House.
Killian, John: House.
Mahaffy, William: House and land.
McCoy, John: House.
McKeown, William J: House.
McWiggian, William: House.
O'Neill, James: House.
Rowland, Robert: House.
Willis, Martha: House.

Description of Tenement

Totton's Court (Off Castle Lane)
Holland, George: House.
McCann, James: House.
Neill, Hugh: House.

Description of Tenement

Totton's Row (Off Castle Lane)
Aiken, Mary: House.
Downey, John: House.
Elliott, James: House.
Higgins, Eliza Anne: House.
Hodden, George: House.
Turkington, William: House.
Walsh, James: House.

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