Griffith's Land Valuations 1864
Lurgan Town Street Index F

Description of Tenement

Factory Lane (off High Street)
Anderson, James: House and yard.
Briggs, John: House and yard.
Burns, Catherine: House and yard.
Burns, James: House.
Craney, William: House.
Crone, James: House and yard.
Cully, Joseph: House and yard.
Dawson, George: House and yard.
Duffy, Arthur: House.
Hall, John: House and yard.
Hunter, William: House and yard.
Livingston, Robert: House. offices, yard and garden.
Magee, Charles: Office, yard and land.
Magee, Charles: Land.
Malcolm, James: Weaving-factory, offices, yard and garden.
Malcolm, James: Workshops, yard and small garden.
McAleer, Laurence: House and yard.
McDonnell, John: House and yard.
Morrison, Charles: House.
Neill, Patrick: House and yard.
Pedlow, William: House and yard.
Savage, John: House and yard.
Seely, Robert: House.
Watson, George: House and yard.
Wells, John: House.

Francis Street
Magee, Ellen: House.
McGlone, John: House and small garden.

Description of Tenement

Frederick Place (Off William Street)
Cunningham, Anne: House, offices, yard and small garden.
Curry, William: House, offices, yard and small garden.
Gordon, John: House, offices, yard and small garden.
McVernon, John: House, office and small garden.
Milligan, John: House, offices, yard and small garden.
Parks, Joseph: Land (in rear).
Sheills, James: House, offices, yard and small garden.
Sheppard, Edward: House, office, yard and small garden.
Wright, Samuel: House, offices, yard and small garden.

Fullerton's Court (Off Church Place)
Monahan, Thomas: House.
McConville, John:
Traynor, John: House and office (valued with 25 Church Place).

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