Griffith's Land Valuations 1864
Lurgan Town Street Index L

Description of Tenement

Lake Street
Colvin, James: House and yard.
Elliott, George: House and yard.
Lavery, John: House and yard.
Mathers, Margaret: House and yard.
Molloy, William: House, yard and small garden.
Turfey, Joseph: House and yard.
Walsh, Henry: House and yard.

Description of Tenement

Lavery's Court (Off Queen Street)
Alderdice, Margaret: House.
Anderson, John: House.
Bunton, Anne: House.
Cook, Anne: House.
Cowan, William: House.
Fox, John: House.
Hobbs, John: House.
Hughes, Robert: House.
Lavery, Abel: House (dilapidated).
Lavery, Thomas: Office and garden.
McCleary, William: House.
Rogers, Thomas: House.
Walsh, John: House.

Description of Tenement

Lutton's Court (Off High Street)
Browne, Sarah: House and yard.
Gillespie, Mary: House and yard.

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