Griffith's Land Valuations 1864
Lurgan Town Street Index D

Description of Tenement

Lord Lurgan: Brownlow House, Gate Lodge, Infant School, land and water.

Diaper Row (Off Queen Street)
Cassidy, Edward: House.
Chapman, Eliza: House.
Cooper, Francis: House (in rear).
Harland, Eliza: House.
Harland, Mary Anne: House.
Hughes, Anne: House.
Kelly, Catherine: House.
Kennedy, John: House, office and small garden.
Kennedy, Margaret: House.
McCusker, Ellen: House.
McDermott, William: House and small garden.
McGuinness, Catherine: House.
McMurray, William: House.
Noble, Mark: House.
Rice, John: House.
Sandes, Sarah: House.
Smith, Eliza: House.
Thompson, George: House, yard and small garden.
Thompson, John: House and small garden.
Valentine, Thomas: House.

Description of Tenement

Donnelly's Court (off Union Street)
Costello, Patrick: House (basement story).
Mc Murney, John: House (basement story).
Mc Neill, Mary: House (basement story).
Turkington, Mary: House (basement story).

Description of Tenement

Borland, Mary: House.
Douglas, George: Land.
Douglas, Robert: House, offices and yard.
Friars, Samuel: House.
Gillespie, James: House, offices and land.
Lavery, Sarah: House.
Loughlin, James: House.
Lurgan, Lord: Land.
McCrory, Edward: House.
O'Brien, Charles: Land
Phoenix, John: House, office and land.
Rooney, John: House and garden.

Waite Greer, John: (Woodville) House, offices, gate lodgings & land.
Ulster Railway Co. Fred Broughton (Sec.):
Exemptions: National School-house and graveyard.

Description of Tenement

Dynes' Court (off Edward Street)
Dillon, John: House (basement story).
Finlay, Daniel: House (basement story).
Fitzpatrick, Terence: House (basement story).
Keeran, James: House (basement story).
Mc Atee, Francis: House (basement story).
Mc Donnell, William: House (basement story).
Mc Keown, James: House (basement story).

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