Contacting Us

Thank you for your interest in contacting Lurgan Ancestry.

If you wanted to contact us about individual family names or family history research, please understand that we do not have the resources to help you. As much as we would like to help, we do not have the facilities or manpower to do individual genealogy searches, or to give information that might help with your next point of research. There are many very good website out there that will do this for you for a fee. Everyone at Lurgan Ancestry is a volunteer and our aim is to make as much information as possible accessible on the website for free.

If you are a genealogy researcher and you would like to offer your services to our visitors, please add your link to our Links page, so that those interested can contact you directly.

If you would like to share your information via the Lurgan Ancestry website we would love to have it and you can contact us on the link below, but please understand that we cannot reply to any other kind of genealogy questions. All of the information we have is either on the site or will be soon.

If you would like to send us some photos or documents, you can do so directly on our Image Upload Page HERE.

If you would like to email us about your images or share information, you can do so HERE

Thank you for your understanding and for supporting The Lurgan Ancestry Project.

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