Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames T

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Robert D. Taggart   Carrickfergus   9 acres
Sophia Tallon   Dublin   42 acres
James Tassy   Keady   27 acres
John Tassy   Keady   16 acres
Nathaniel Tassy   Keady   9 acres
Wm. John Tatton   Belfast   1 acre
Mr. Taylor   Ballywilly Kilmore   47 acres
Eliza Taylor   Tandragee   11 acres
James Taylor   Lurgan   4 acres
Thomas Taylor   America   9 acres
George Teasey   Madden, Keady   31 acres
George Tecey   Keady   28 acres
John Tecey   Belfast   19 acres
Nathaniel Tecey   Keady   30 acres
William Tecey   same address   7 acres
Thomas T. Tenison   Tynan   4 acres
Wm. C. O'Brien Tenison   Middletown   147 acres
Thomas Thacker   Portarlington   65 acres
Christian Theadford   no address given   98 acres
George Thompson   Terraskane, Armagh   15 acres
J. G. Thompson   Dublin   154 acres
John L. Thompson   Donaghadee   16 acres
John Wm. Thompson   Lurgan   1 acre
Levingston Thompson   Co. Wicklow   248 acres
Margaret Thompson   Greenwood Park,Newry   562 acres
Robert Thompson   Keady   3 acres
Swanzy Thompson   Dublin   100 acres
William Thompson   Ballytrodden, Armagh   10 acres
William Thompson   Loughgall   8 acres
Edw. W. Thomson   Downshire-road, Newry   194 acres
Major I. H. T. Thornton   no address given   766 acres
Felix Tierney   Newtownhamilton   30 acres
Mary Tierney   Latberget, Belleek   4 acres
Michael Tierney   Belleek   12 acres
Alexander Toner   Tassagh, Armagh   15 acres
Andrew Toner   Fornamuckla, Armagh   5 acres
Bernard Toner   Corron, Keady   9 acres
Bernard Toner   Darkley, Keady   4 acres
Francis Toner   Keady   1 acre
James Toner   Lagan, Keady   3 acres
Hugh Toner   Drumrusk, Killylea   14 acres
Michael Toner, Sr   Lagan, Keady   6 acres
Owen Toner   Tassagh, Armagh   5 acres
Patrick Toner   same address   9 acres
Terence Toner   Lagan, Keady   7 acres
James Totten   Darkley, Keady   20 acres
Rev. Geo. Tottenham   Benmore, Enniskillen   336 acres
Catherine Travers   no address given   256 acres
Trustees of Aughnagurgon Presbyterian Church   Keady   1 acre
Trustees of Bishop Storne's Charities   Armagh   1,365 acres
Trustees of Camlough Waterworks   Bessbrook Newry   77 acres
Trustees of Drelincourts   Armagh   15 acres
Trustees of Drumorgan Presbyterian Church   Markethill   11 acres
Trustees of Erasmus Smith's School   Lurgan   1 acre
Trustees of Jackson's Charity   Forkhill   7 acres
Trustees of J. M. Shaw   Australia   230 acres
Trustees of Keady Presbyterian Church   Keady   2 acres
Trustees of Mall   Armagh   8 acres
Trustees of Peoples' Park   Portadown   22 acres
Trustees of Royal School   Armagh   18 acres
Trustees of Slacke Estate   Dublin   293 acres
Trustees of Woodward Estate   Bath, England   1,124 acres
Gilbert Tughan   Keady   10 acres
James Tughan   same address   6 acres
Madame E. Turpin   Paris   7 acres
William John Turtle   Mullyvilly, Tandragee   42 acres
Charles Twinem   Lylo, Portadown   4 acres
William Twinem   same address   4 acres
James Twynan   Tullyglush, Keady   16 acres
Thomas Twynan   same address   30 acres

We make this information freely available to Genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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