Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames M

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

It is noted that a Mr. Murphy from Belfast had "1 acre of valuable land worth 127 pounds in 1876".

James M'Ahy   Lisglynn, Keady   31 acres
Charles M'Aleavy   Clea, Keady   19 acres
Emily M'Anally   Markethill   1 acre
Michael M'Anally   Clea, Keady   6 acres
Philip M'Anally   same address   7 acres
Thomas M'Anally   Carnagh, Keady   6 acres
Felix M'Ardle   Crossdened, Keady   6 acres
Felix M'Ardle   Keady   1 acre
Felix M'Ardle   Mowillan, Keady   1 acre
Francis M'Ardle   Racarberry, Keady   4 acres
Henry M'Ardle   Cargaclogher, Keady   5 acres
James M'Ardle   Ballsmill   8 acres
John M'Ardle   Dundrum, Keady   11 acres
John M'Ardle   Keady   13 acres
Peter M'Ardle   Cargacogher, Keady   10 acres
Philip M'Ardle   Crossmaglen   91 acres
Terence M'Ardle   Racarberry, Keady   3 acres
John M'Ateer   Letmacollum, Armagh   21 acres
Alexander M'Aulis   Newtownhamilton   24 acres
James M'Aulis   same address   43 acres
Margaret M'Aulis   same address   17 acres
David M'Birney   Newtownhamilton   42 acres
Hugh M'Birney   Roughan, Keady   12 acres
George M'Bride   Cargaclogher, Keady   10 acres
James M'Bride   Crossdened, Keady   11 acres
Joseph M'Bride   Keady   11 acres
Robert M'Bride   Crossdened, Keady   19 acres
Thomas M'Bride   same address   11 acres
James M'Cabe   Cargaclogher, Keady   8 acres
Mary M'Cabe   Racarberry, Keady   2 acres
Thomas M'Cabe   Foyar, Caledon   411 acres
Rev. Andw. M'Calden   Richhill   5 acres
Margaret M'Call   Markethill   20 acres
T. A. M'Can,   Elslow Bedford   901 acres
Charles M'Cann   Drumatee, Markethil   5 acres
Ellen M'Cann   Irish-street, Armagh   10 acres
Patrick M'Cann   Tassagh, Armagh   2 acres
Richard M'Cann   Drumcashel, Co. Louth   182 acres
John M'Caraher   Killeen, Armagh   10 acres
Rev. Jas Macartney   London   74 acres
J.W.E. Macartney   Clogher, Co. Tyrone   506 acres
Miss Macartney   Dublin   99 acres
Mary A. M'Cartney   Belfast   56 acres
Maxwell M'Cartney   Dublin   144 acres
Emily M'Carton   Farnaloy, Keady   11 acres
Patrick M'Carton   Knockuvan, Keady   5 acres
Peter M'Carton   Farnaloy, Keady   7 acres
William M'Carton   Drumgreenagh, Keady   21 acres
Hugh M'Caul   Drumacavna, Keady   11 acres
James M'Caul   Clea, Keady   19 acres
Joseph M'Caul   Farnaloy, Keady   6 acres
Nathaniel M'Caul   Drumacavna, Keady   41 acres
Samuel M'Caul   same address   19 acres
John Maclean   Newtownhamilton   27 acres
Ann M'Clelland   Mullabrack, Markethill   3 acres
Jane M'Clelland   Maymount, Tandragee   34 acres
Thomas M'Clelland   Belfast   1 acre
Thomas M'Clelland   Maymount, Tandragee   30 acres
William M'Clelland   Clare, Tandragee   10 acres
Alexander M'Clure   Outlack, Lisnadill   224 acres
Jane M'Clelland   Maymount, Tandragee   34 acres
Thomas M'Clelland   Belfast   1 acre
Thomas M'Clelland   Maymount, Tandragee   30 acres
William M'Clelland   Clare, Tandragee   10 acres
Alexander M'Clure   Outlack, Lisnadill   224 acres
Thomas M'Collum   Drumhirk, Keady   9 acres
Alexander M'Combe   Armagh   19 acres
Esther M'Combe   Armagh   19 acres
Mary M'Conagher   Carryhugh, Keady   14 acres
Hugh M'Connell   Mullabrack, Markethill   4 acres
Hugh M'Connell   Gilford   3 acres
James M'Connell   Newtownhamilton   14 acres
John M'Connell   Armagh   78 acres
Nevin M'Connell   Newtownhamilton   26 acres
Edward M'Convill   Portadown   1 acre
John M'Convill   same address   2 acres
William M'Convill   same address   1 acre
Jas. Macoun, and Co   Lurgan   1 acre
John Macoun   Kilmore, Lurgan   1 acre
John Macoun   Moyraverty, Lurgan   126 acres
Elizabeth M'Covey   Tullyglush, Keady   18 acres
Felix M'Covey   Cargaclogher, Keady   8 acres
Felix M'Covey   Tullyglush, Keady   11 acres
Felix M'Covey, Jr   same address   9 acres
Hugh M'Covey   same address   9 acres
John M'Covey, Sr   Cargaclogher, Keady   26 acres
John M'Covey, Jr   same address   20 acres
Michael M'Covey   same address   20 acres
Patrick. M'Covey, Sr   same address   8 acres
Patrick M'Covey   same address   31 acres
David M'Cracken   Drumgreenagh, Keady   17 acres
James M'Creight   Dromore   279 acres
John M'Creight   Dublin   89 acres
John M'Crory   Armagh   2 acres
Martha M'Crum   Cavnagarven, Keady   92 acres
Robert G. M'Crum   Milford, Armagh   59 acres
Thomas M'Crum   Cavnagarven, Keady   69 acres
William M'Crum   Milford, Armagh   46 acres
William M'Culla   Drumderg, Keady   19 acres
Anne J. M'Cullagh   Drumderg, Keady   15 acres
James M'Cullagh   Markethill   36 acres
John M'Cullagh   no address given   34 acres
Robert M'Cullagh   Evagh, Markethill   38 acres
Robert M'Cullagh   Dinahorra, Markethill   63 acres
Robert M'Cullagh   Kilcreevy Otra, Tynan   25 acres
Thomas M'Cullagh   Derryhennitt, Keady   25 acres
John M'Dermott   Belleek   10 acres
Michael M'Dermott   same address   54 acres
Bernard M'Donnell   Belleek   1 acre
John M'Donnell   Crossmaglen   29 acres
James M'Dowell   Tullybrone Keady   4 acres
William M'Dowell   Tassagh, Armagh   7 acres
Alexander M'Elwain   Newtownhamilton   4 acres
Robert M'Ewen   no address given   34 acres
Henry M'Farren   Newtownhamilton   112 acres
Bernard M'Gahan   Armagh   9 acres
James M'Gahan   Benburb   11 acres
Thomas M'Gahan   Lisglynn, Keady   7 acres
George M'Garety   Armagh   12 acres
Michael M'Geeny   Belleek   1 acre
Sarah D. M'George   Carnmeen, Newry   6 acres
John M'Geough   Crossdened, Keady   11 acres
Robert John M'Geough   Newtownhamilton   7,213 acres
M. M'Glennon   Rocarberry, Keady   8 acres
Hugh M'Glone   Lisglynn, Keady   1 acre
Terence M'Gonnell   Keady   5 acres
Patrick M'Grory   Keady   19 acres
Michael M'Guinness   Keady   11 acres
John M'Guire   Newtownhamilton   14 acres
O. M'Gurgan   Clea, Keady   8 acres
Samuel M'Ilrath   Farnaloy Keady   29 acres
Simon M'Ilrath   same address   26 acres
William M'Ilrath   Brootally, Armagh   7 acres
Arthur M'Ilvanny   Dearnalea, Killylea   24 acres
Hugh M'Ilvanny   same address   10 acres
Patrick M'Ilvenny   Lisglynn, Keady   1 acre
Francis M'Iver   Clea, Keady   12 acres
Terence M'Iver   same address   6 acres
Benjamin Mackay   Loughgall   5 acres
Benjamin Mackay   Richhill   10 acres
Joseph Mackay   same address   6 acres
William Mackay   same address   4 acres
James M'Kean   Castleblayney   48 acres
Arthur M'Kee   Clea, Keady   14 acres
David M'Kee   Tullyglush, Keady   20 acres
Miss Elizabeth M'Kee   Markethill   1 acre
Francis M'Kee   Clea, Keady   5 acres
Hugh M'Kee   Tullyglush, Keady   16 acres
John M'Kee   Markethill   60 acres
Joseph M'Kee   same address   294 acres
Mary M'Kee   Clea, Keady   5 acres
Patrick M'Kee   same address   3 acres
Rose M'Kee   same address   4 acres
Terence M'Kee   Newtownhamilton   5 acres
Arthur M'Kenna   Newtownhamilton   15 acres
Charles M'Kenna   Tamlaght, Killylea   48 acres.
George M'Kenna   Lisglynn, Keady   14 acres
Hugh M'Kenna   Drumacanver Keady,   3 acres
Hugh M'Kenna   Tamlaght, Tynan   19 acres
Michael M'Kenna   Farnaloy, Keady   17 acres
William M'Kenna   Balteagh, Tynan   11 acres
William M'Kenna   Tamlaght, Killylea   33 acres
William M'Kenna   Armagh   2 acres
Patrick M'Keon   Drumhariff, Belleek   15 acres
Rev. Michl. M'Keone   Crossmaglen   357 acres
Felix McKeown   Clea, Keady   6 acres
Francis McKeown   Lisglynn, Keady   11 acres
Henry M'Keown   Lagan, Keady   4 acres
Laurence M'Keown   same address   27 acres
Michael M'Kinney   Rathfriland   4 acres
James M'Kinstry   Tassagh, Armagh   194 acres
Thomas M'Kinstry   same address   64 acres
James M'Linden   Portadown   4 acres
George M. M'Mahon   Ballytrodden, Armagh   16 acres
James M'Mahon   Belle Vue, Newry   8 acres
Thomas M'Mahon   Tassagh, Armagh   21 acres
Andrew M'Math   Castleblayney   187 acres
Robert W. M'Murran   Artasooly, Benburb   26 acres
John M'Nally   Belleek   2 acres
Sir Edmd. M'Noughten   Bushmills, Co. Antrim   920 acres
Ellen M'Parlan   Edenknappagh   5 acres
James M'Parlan   same address   6 acres
John M'Parlan   same address   1 acre
Arthur M'Parland   Belleek   3 acres
James M'Parland   Drumilly, Belleek   2 acres
John M'Parland   Balleek   13 acres
Patrick M'Parland   same address   8 acres
Margaret M'Quaid   Madden, Keady   45 acres
Laurence M'Shane   Keady   14 acres
Myles M'Shane   Racarberry, Keady   17 acres
Patrick M'Shane   same address   12 acres
Henry M'Stea   Lurgan   24 acres
John M'Thomas   Aughnacloy, Armagh   1 acre
John M'Watters   Armagh   3 acres
P. and J. M'Watty   Dublin   158 acres
George M'Williams   Red Barns, Armagh   152 acres
Jane Madden   Poyntzpass   6 acres
Bernard Magee   Killeen, Armagh   9 acres
Charles Magee   Lurgan   3 acres
George D. Magee   no address given   34 acres
Joshua M. Magee   Ashgrove, Newry   60 acres
Mary Magee   Lurgan   1 acre
Samuel Magee   Belfast   76 acres
Thomas H. Magee   Lurgan   1 acre
Catherine Mageown   Lurgan   1 acre
Edward Magill   Poyntzpass   4 acres
James Magill   Belleek   43 acres
Eliza Maguill   Poyntzpass   8 acres
Denis Maguire   Newry   2 acres
Rebecca Mahood   Tandragee   3 acres
James Malcolm   Lurgan   6 acres
Robert Malcomson   Carlow   69 acres
John Mallagh   Portadown   4 acres
James Mallne   Lagan, Keady   10 acres
Bernard Mallon   Brootally, Armagh   25 acres
Bernard Mallon   Farnaloy, Keady   4 acres
Francis Mallon   Lisglynn, Keady   1 acre
Henry Mallon   same address   10 acres
Joseph Mallon   same address   5 acres
Michael Mallon, Sr   Brootally, Armagh   8 acres
Michael Mallon, Jr   same address   10 acres
Patrick Mallon   same address   8 acres
Duke of Manchester   The Castle, Tandragee   12,298 acres
James Markey   Newtownhamilton   5 acres
Charles Marks   Newry   5 acres
Mary Marlay   Portadown   3 acres
Charles B. Marley   Mullingar   139 acres
Mary Marmal   Racarberry, Keady   12 acres
Rev. Peter Marsh   no address given   127 acres
John Marshall   Mowham, Markethill   16 acres
John Marshall   no address given   24 acres
Rev. Joseph Marshall   no address given   195 acres
Samuel Marshall   Newtownhamilton   15 acres
William Marshall   same address   16 acresl
William Marshal   Crossmore, Keady   9 acres
Mr. Martin   Dublin   58 acres
Mrs. Martin   Belgrave-road, Dublin   195 acres
Mrs. M. Martin   Armagh   61 acres
William Martin   Newtownhamilton   9 acres
David Matchell   Portadown   2 acres
George Matchell   Killycopple, Armagh   2 acres
John Maxwell   Cavnagarvan, Keady   14 acres
Rev. William Maxwell   London   144 acres
William Maxwell   Lurgan   1 acre
Wilson Maxwell   Belfast   6 acres
William Maziere   Armagh   291 acres
Francis Fulton Meade   Mountjoy-sq. Dublin   103 acres
John Menary   Knockaneagh, Killylea   33 acres
William Menary   Maghery, Milford   80 acres
Robert Mill   Killeen, Armagh   12 acres
James Millar   Brootally, Armagh   6 acres
David Miller   no address given   18 acres
Sarah Milling   Armagh   4 acres
James Mills   Brootally, Armagh   85 acres
James Alex. Mitchell   Keady   11 acres
John Mitchell   Derryhennett Keady   37 acres
Henry Moffatt   Lisnadill, Armagh   42 acres
Henry Moffett   Tassagh, Armagh   49 acres
James Moffett   Killycopple, Armagh   4 acres
Alice Mohan   Belleek   6 acres
Patrick Mohan   same address   6 acres
A. N. Molesworth   no address given   300 acres
Charles Molloy   Brootally, Armagh   27 acres
Elizabeth Molloy   Crossdened, Keady   11 acres
Sir Capel Molyneux   Castledillon, Armagh   3,416 acres
John Moneypenny   Portadown   2 acres
Harford Montgomery   Portadown   1 acre
John Montgomery   same address   1 acre
John Moody   Poyntzpass   125 acres
William Moody   same address   48 acres
John Mooney   Newtownhamilton   25 acres
John Mooney   Cargaclogher, Keady   4 acres
Mary Mooney   Newtownhamilton   18 acres
Dunlop Moore   Lurgan   1 acre
John Moore, MD   Belfast   10 acres
John Moore   Abbey Yard, Newry   1 acre
John Moore   Kilkeel, Co. Down   276 acres
John Moore   Darkley, Keady   21 acres
John Moore   Richhill   2 acres
John Moore   America   7 acres
John Moore   Richhill   2 acres
Mary Jane Moore   Dublin   188 acres
Stephenson Moore   same address   121 acres
Thomas Moore   Tassagh, Armagh   27 acres
Rev. W. C. Moore   no address given   9 acres
William Moore   Ballydoo, Killylea   8 acres
Miss Moorehead   Kingstown Co. Dublin   191 acres
John Moran   Clea, Keady   12 acres
Bernard Morgan   Keady   18 acres
Francis Morgan   Keady   10 acres
John Morgan   Belleek   9 acres
Jeremiah Morris   Newtownhamilton   50 acres
Thomas Morris   Lurgan   88 acres
Catherine Morrison   Dundrum, Keady   38 acres
Robert Morrison   Portadown   3 acres
James Morton   Drumacanver, Keady   25 acres
Michael Mulgrew   Keady   6 acres
Bridget Mullholland   Belleek   11 acres
Terence Mullan   Belleek   1 acre
Francis Mullen   Farnaloy, Keady   12 acres
Owen Mullen   Lisglynn, Keady   33 acres
James Mulligan   Tynan   41 acres
James Mulligan   Newtownhamilton   27 acres
John Mulligan   same address   6 acres
Nathaniel Mulligan   Brootally, Armagh   11 acres
Arthur Murphy   Belleek   20 acres
Bryan Murphy   same address   20 acres
Catherine Murphy   same address   13 acres
David Murphy   Lislea, Keady   108 acres
Edward Murphy   Belleek   16 acres
Hugh Murphy   same address   8 acres
James Murphy   Newry   1,353 acres
James Murphy (Red)   Newtownhamilton   154 acres
John Murphy   Castletown, Dundalk   257 acres
Margaret Murphy   Belleek   22 acres
Owen Murphy   same address   4 acres
Patrick Murphy   same address   9 acres
Patrick Murphy   Newry   3 acres
Patrick Murphy   Tullybrone, Armagh   5 acres
Patk. Murphy (Peter)   Belleek   7 acres
Murphy and Reynolds   Belfast   1 acre
Thomas Murphy   Lislea, Keady   35 acres
Thomas Murphy   Belleek   18 acres
Arthur Murray   Lagan, Keady   9 acres
Jas. Watson Murray   Belfast   1 acre
James Murtagh   Derrynoose, Keady   48 acres

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