Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames E - F

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Louisa C. Eastwood   Castletown Castle, Dundalk   877 acres
Hugh Eccles   Keady   2 acres
James Eccles   Kilreavy, Keady   3 acres
John Eccles   Drumhirk, Keady   12 acres
Robert Eccles   Keady   3 acres
Robert J. Eccles   Keady   7 acres
John Walker Edgar   Portadown   7 acres
John Elliott   Belfast   1 acre
Rev. Leonard Elliott   Portadown   1 acre
William John Ellis   Tullydagan, Lurgan   4 acres
John English   Farnaloy, Keady   36 acres
Samuel English   Knockraven, Keady   13 acres
Thomas English   Farnaloy, Keady   11 acres
William English   Mowillan, Keady   20 acres
William English   Kilcreevy Otra, Tynan   19 acres
George Ensor   Loughall   333 acres
Archibald Erskin   Newry   420 acres
James F. Erskin   same address   410 acres
Thomas K. Evans   Hibernian Bank, Parsonstown   16 acres
Alex. James Ewart   Drumderg, Keady   9 acres
Nancy Ewart   Carryhugh, Keady   9 acres
Samuel Ewart   Tullycallidy, Tynan   37 acres
Samuel Ewart   Drumderg, Keady   12 acres
John Eyre   Maydown, Benburb   233 acres
David Fallon   Drumhirk, Keady   32 acres
Robert Fallon   same address   11 acres
John Farrell   Darkley, Keady   13 acres
John Fearan   Drumilly, Belleek   9 acres
John Fee   Kilcreevy, Tynan   28 acres
Bryan Fegan   Carricknagavna, Belleek   16 acres
James Fegan   Newry   36 acres
James Fegan   Tassagh Armagh,   5 acres
John Fegan   same address   5 acres
Patrick Fehan, Jr   Brootally, Armagh   17 acres
Patrick Fehan, Sr   same address   14 acres
Arthur Feighan   Racarberry, Keady   5 acres
Arthur Feighan   Clea, Keady   8 acres
Eliza Feighan   Tullyglush, Keady   12 acres
John Feighan   Darkley, Keady   10 acres
Michael Feighan   Racarberry, Keady   10 acres
Patrick Feighan   same address   3 acres
James Fforde   Roughlin, Lurgan   327 acres
James Finch   Lurgan   3 acres
Alexander Fisher, Sr   Ballynaleck, Poyntzpass   74 acres
Alexander Fisher, Jr   same address   30 acres
Charles Fisher   Poyntzpass   34 acres
Robert Fisher   Tullylinn, Poyntzpass   8 acres
John Fitzgerald   Castleblayney   128 acres
Robert Fivey   Drumbeemore, Armagh   297 acres
Rev. J. F. Flavelle   Markethill   73 acres
C. W. Fleming   Ballyworkan, Portadown   8 acres
Ellen Fleming   Camagh, Keady   16 acres
John Fleming   Lurgan   2 acres
James Foster   Mowillan, Keady   43 acres
John Foster   same address   14 acres
William Foxall   Dublin   978 acres
George W. Francis   Warrenpoint   26 acres
Joseph Frazer   Blackwatertown, Armagh   7 acres
Robert Frazer   Edenknappagh, Armagh   9 acres
Alexander Freeland   Camagh, Keady   21 acres
Isaac Freeland   Lagan, Keady   12 acres
James Freeland   same address   7 acres
John Freeland   Camagh, Keady   5 acres
Joseph Freeland   same address   2 acres
Samuel Freeland, Jr   same address   10 acres
Samuel Freeland   same address   38 acres
Susan Freeland   same address   12 acres
John Fulton   Portadown   2 acres

We make this information freely available to Genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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