Schools in O’Neilland


Townland Master / Mistress Denomination            No. of  Pupils   Description
O'Neilland East: Moyntaghs
Ballynary John Campbell Roman Catholic 40 A hired cabin.
Denyadd John McComb Protestant 26 Parish School; bad. Landlord Mr. Forde.
Derrytagh Hugh McMahon Roman Catholic 32 A wretched hovel.
Derrymacash John Jackson Protestant 29 A cabin.
Derrytresna Thomas Cuthbert Presbyterian 48 A mud cabin.
Derryveen Anne Bell Roman Catholic 28 A miserable cow-shed.
O'Neilland East: Seagoe
Aughacommon Henry Stewart Protestant 24 Mr. Brownlow pays the Master £2 per annum.
Ballymacrandle John Montgomery Protestant 35 A thatched barn built of mud.
Ballynamoney William Brennan Roman Catholic 20 A thatched house.
Cross Eliza McEntegart Roman Catholic 12 A clay cabin.
Drumnagoon John Macartney Roman Catholic 36 A thatched cabin.
Knocknamuckley John McConville Roman Catholic 30 A thatched cabin.
Lisnamintry Jonathan Webb Protestant 62 Good.
Lisnamintry Mary Boyd Presbyterian 6  –
Lower Seagoe George McKaughley Protestant 70 Parish School; a thatched house.
McKaughley, Levaghry James Forsythe Protestant 41 Good.
Turmoyra Joseph Hewitt Presbyterian 27 A thatched cabin.
O'Neilland East: Shankill
Leggary William Hopes Protestant 12 An apartment.
Lissacurren Charles McNally Roman Catholic 46 A rented apartment at £1 7s. per annum.
Lissacurren Mary Lyness Quaker 17 An apartment.
Lurgan Thomas Warren & Protestant 172 Parish School; built by Erasmus Smith funds.
  Ellen Gribben Protestant    
Lurgan Samuel Taylor & Quaker 128 Good.
  John Taylor & Protestant    
  Samuel Taylor Presbyterian    
Lurgan Edward McNamara Roman Catholic 53 Good; rented at 5 guineas per annum.
Lurgan Mr. John Smyth Presbyterian 38 Tolerably good; rented at £3 per annum.
Lurgan Mary Bullock Protestant 25 Good.
Lurgan Mary Carr Protestant 8  –
Lurgan Eliza Magee Roman Catholic 12 Very middling.
Lurgan Sarah McQuillan  – 11 An apartment.
Lurgan Mary Bell Quaker 9 Mistress's kitchen.
Lurgan Mary Downs Quaker 14 An apartment.
Tullydeggan William Hindes Protestant 30 Good.
Tullygally William English Protestant 50 Good.
O'Neilland West: Drumcree
Artabracca Joseph Totton Protestant 38 A thatched house.
Breagh Patrick McBeagh Roman Catholic 41 A thatched barn.
Derryall William Devlin Roman Catholic 36 A wretched cabin.
Derrylettive Robert Curran Protestant 50 A thatched barn.
Drumcree John Holland Protestant 30 Parish School; good.
Mullentine James Garvey Roman Catholic 23 A thatched cabin; provided by Mr. Lawson.
Portadown Ellen Worrall & Protestant 23 Tolerable.
  Ann Worrall Protestant    
Portadown, Battylum Francis Doherty Protestant 22 A thatched cabin.
Portadown, Corcrain John McMurray Presbyterian 22 A second floor room.
Portadown, Corcrain Patrick Reynolds Roman Catholic 13 Very middling room.
Portadown, Tavannah Thomas Smyth Presbyterian 21 A small room.
Richmount Terence McKenna Roman Catholic 50 Good.
O'Neilland West: Kilmore
Ahory James Watson Presbyterian 40  –
Ballyhagan Patrick Kelly Roman Catholic 35 A cottage.
Ballyleny Terence Shiel Roman Catholic 21 A small cottage.
Ballywilly Paul O'Neill Roman Catholic 39 A cottage.
Bottle Hill Isaac Robinson & Protestant 69 Parish School; good.
  Rose Ann Robinson Protestant    
Corniscribe John O'Neill Roman Catholic 20  –
Drumahunchcon James Bartrim Protestant 15 A mud wall barn.
Kilmore Roger McCan & Protestant 136 Good.
  Hannah McCan Protestant    
Liskeyborough Elizabeth Reynolds Presbyterian 17 A miserable hut.
Rich-hill Henry Copland Protestant 16 A rented small room.
Rich-hill Margaret Johnson Presbyterian 25 A good room.
Rich-hill Joseph Parker Protestant 157 Badly built; donated by the late Lord Primate.
Rich-hill Rev. Mr. Harper Presbyterian 1 Master's own house.
Tullamore George Halligan Roman Catholic 45 A small cottage.
O'Neilland West: Loughall
Ardress Henry Casey Roman Catholic 50 A thatched house; built by George Ensor, esq.
Aughinleg Patrick Brawley Roman Catholic 24 Held in a barn.
Aughinleg Peter O'Neill Roman Catholic 27 Held in a barn.
Ballytyrone Henry Kennedy Protestant 50 Good; provided by Mrs. Cope.
Charlemont Samuel Molyneux Protestant 42 Good; ground given by Sir John Doyle.
Charlemont James Clarke Presbyterian 22 Small division in the house.
Charlemont Elizabeth Tomlinson Protestant 20 Small division in the house.
Clenmene Robert Verner Protestant 70 A thatched house.
Hockley Armar Frazer & Protestant 68 Good; built by Sir Capel Molyneux.
Mulnasilly Susannah Fraser Protestant  68  Good; built by Sir Capel Molyneux.
Kinnigo John Barry Protestant 40 Good; built by the late William Parnell, esq.
Leveleglish Charles McClelland & Presbyterian 80 Parish School; built by Erasmus Smith's funds.
  Phebe McClelland Presbyterian    
O'Neilland West: Tartaraghan
Clancarish James Dillon Protestant 45 Parish School; a room in the teacher's house.
Clencore John Ryan Roman Catholic 48 Good; built by subscription.
Derryadd William Beahan Presbyterian 35 Held in a barn.
Derryland Hugh Donaghey Roman Catholic 49 A barn belonging to John McClelland, esq.
Derrylee Matthew Clarke Protestant 76 Excellent; built by Colonel Verner.
Derryrilliagh, Miltown John Gallagher Roman Catholic 40 Part of a dwelling house owned by John Gardner.
Magarily James Devlin Roman Catholic 67 Held in a barn belonging to Mr. Garity.
Teagy Alexander McConnell Protestant 18 A farmer's barn.

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