The 1910 Portadown Street Directory


Name and Occupation


Cowdy, W. L., handkerchief manufacturers
Farrell, A. T., solicitor
Gibson, J., grocer
Graham, Mrs. H.
Hadden, W. E., M.D.
Shiliington, D. G., hardware merchant
Wallace, H., hardware merchant


Allen, Mrs., newsagent
Anderson, Miss, boarding-house
Armstrong, Mary
Bell, G. S., factory manager, Osborne ter.
Bell, Joseph, draper's assistant, Osborne terrace
Black, A., mason
Black, Miss
Best, George, clerk
Blakeley, J., barber
Brown, George, butcher, Osborne terrace
Burns, Joseph, manager
Burrell, Wm., clerk, Albert terrace
Burrowes, Mrs., boarding-house
Byrne, Charles, Avonban
Byrne, G., seed merchant
Campbell, James, mason
Campbell, Mrs., boarding-house
Chapman, Robert, auctioneer, Annagh ter.
Church, William, clerk
Clelland, Joseph, tailor, Stanley place
Cochrane, John, plumber and sanitary engineer
Cole, T. L., dentist
Convery, J. H., insurance agent
Cooke, Thomas, Osborne terrace
Corbett, J. A., M.D.
Cordner, Robert, cycle agent
Cowdy, Wm., handkerchief manufacturer
Croker, Wm., bank clerk, Erin crescent
Crooks, F. W., house and land agent, Willoughby place
Crummie, A., publican
Cullen, James, plasterer
Cullen, Rev. L. H., Methodist minister
Curran, P., ex-sergt. R.I.C.
Forbes, William, mason
Foster, James, hairdresser
Freeburn, Thomas, tea dealer
Freeburn, James, tailor
Gawley & Smith, Queen's Jubilee Nurseries
Gould, Margaret
Greer, Samuel, carpenter
Grew, James, hotel proprietor, Burnbrae
Grimason, R. J., grocer
Hadden, W. E., M.D.
Harper, John, manager Anglo American Oil Company
Holywood, Joseph, shoemaker
Hughes, E., flesher, Annagh house
Hunt, A., assistant, Osborne terrace
Jones, J. M'C., printer
Kennedy, The Misses, ladies' school
Latimer, John, insurance agent
Masonic Hall—- E. Trimble caretaker
Mills, Miss, dressmaker
Morton, Robert, tailor
Mullen, James, mechanic
Mullen, W. A., manager Irish Peat Development Company
M'Atamney, Miss, boarding-house
M'Cammon, H., merchant, Annagh terrace
M'Cappin, Mrs., boarding-house
M'Clatchy, M. A. W., assistant town clerk
M'Cullough, Robert, gardener
M'Kinley, W. J., clerk
M'Roberts, Wm., sexton Methodist Church
Palmer, John, overseer G.P.O.
Patton, A., boarding-house
Paul, John, hardware merchant
Presentation Convent—Rev. Mother Columba, superioress
Portadown Weaving Co.'s factorv (Messrs. Greaves)
Rea, Wm., hardware merchant, Erin cres.
Reid, Wm., merchant tailor
Robb, B., & Co., grain stores
Ryder, C. J., supt. P.O.
Shillington, Mrs., Tavanagh house
Slowey, Patrick, Novara house
Smith, James, breadserver
St. Patrick's Hall—P. J. Malone, secretary
Tate, Mrs., Burnbrae
Teasey, Rev. R. T., Methodist minister
Thompson, D., grocer
Thornton, D. W. & R. J., wholesale grocers
Todd, Mrs.
Totten, Miss, dressmaker
Walker, John, Petty Sessions clerk, Annagh terrace
Walsh, John, insurance agent
Ward, Mrs., model lodging-house
Waugh, John, newsagent
Wilson, Horace, organist and music teacher
Wilson, John, undertaker, &c, Erin crescent
Wilson, Wm., winding master
Woods, R. M., manager
Young, John, M.A., editor and publisher Portadown News


Sloan, William, pig butcher
Thompson, John, general dealer


Irwin, J., stationmaster
Kearney, Miss, manageress Railway Saloon
Montgomery, George, mechanic
Watson, Armstrong & Co., linen & damask manufacturers


Allen, W., cycle agent
Blakeley, J., grocer
Blakney, R., shoemaker
Byrne, James, publican
Carrick, W. W., jeweller and grocer
Cassidy, Thomas, dealer
Clements, James, dealer
Conn, James, grocer
Cooney, John, dealer
Craig, Anna, newsagent
Courtney, Robert, grocer
Doogan, George, shoemaker
Fairley, Jane, teacher
Girling, G. P., solicitor
Gray, David, jeweller and cycle agent
Hall, Jonathan, dealer
Hyde, George, carpenter
Hyde, Robert, veterinary surgeon
Hyde, Thomas, confectioner
Jenkinson, W. J., shoemaker
Jennings, R., pork butcher
Joyce, Hannah, grocer
Johnston, F., blacksmith
Little, Robert, grocer
Livingston, M., jeweller
Logan, Joseph, ropemaker
Lynas, D., dealer
Lyttle, W. J., dealer
Magee, James, painter
Martin, John, grocer
Matthews, Martha, grocer
Montgomery, George, undertaker
Mortimer, Joseph, relieving officer
Mullen, J. & R., grocers
M'Clatchy, S. A., dealer
M'Cluskey, Thomas, shoemaker
M'Collum, Robert, pawnbroker
M'Conville, Sarah A., publican
M'Coo, Thomas, pig dealer
M'Cullough, Wm., painter
M'Nally, Edward, furnisher
M'Quillan, A., grocer
Neeson, Michael, publican
O'Hanlon, John J., publican
O'Neill, Felix, flesher
O'Neill, Mary, publican
O'Neill, Robert, flesher
Radcliffe, R., barber
Reid, G., grocer
Stanley, Ralph, grocer
Thompson, James, provision dealer
White, Fred. W., grocer
Whyte, Constable, R.I.C.
Whitla, Thomas, shoemaker
Wright, R. S., baker
Wilson, S., & Co., linen and cambric manufacturers


Atkinson, W. H., solicitor
Birrell, W. G., insurance agent
Boyle, James, manager Discount Bank
Byrne, James, flesher
Campbell, John, farmer and butcher
Collen, Miss
Cosgrove, J. J., hay and produce merchant
Dawson, Thomas, flesher
Doogan, E., public weighbridge
Downey, W., pork curer
Elliott, Thomas, engineman
Fire Brigade Station
Gibson, The Misses
Grimes, Rev. Canon, Parochial house
Hadden, W. E., M.D.
Hamill, Henry, cattle dealer
Hamill, Robert, pig dealer
Kerr, Rev. F., Parochial house
Malone, P. J., postman
Mehaffey, Thomas, carpenter
Morrissey, T., upholsterer
M'Afee, J., tailor
M'Donald, Rev. T., Parochial house
M'Ilduff, Alice, dressmaker
M'Namee, J., shoemaker
Richardson, Robert, sanitary officer
Roman Catholic Chapel
Ross, Robert, blacksmith
Stewart, T. A., plumber
Tobias, Miss, dressmaker
Watson, Miss


Adair, A., painter
Benson, T. & G., grocers and dealers
Black, John, dealer
Bond, Catherine, dealer
Brown, Richard, car proprietor
Brown, Robert, cycle agent
Brown, Margaret, draper
Cinnamond, D., car proprietor
Cochrane, Margaret, dealer
Cole, Elizabeth, cafe
Cooper, Thomas, leather merchant
Dickson, William, saddler
Dobbin, Robert, cabinetmaker
Dougan, T., publican
Dunbar, Ruth, clothes dealer
Douglas, James, barber
Ferris, Joseph H., saddler
Gough, William, auctioneer
G.N.R. Co.s Goods Depot—J. M'Kinney, manager
Greenaway, John, shopman
Greer, John, farmer and dealer
Hall, Robert J., dealer
Hall, W., temperance hotel
Hazelton, Mrs. Minnie, pawnbroker
Healey, Margaret, stationer and grocer
Hewitt, Lottie, draper
Irwin, W. D., grocer
Johnson, S., grocer
Kinney, James, baker
Locke, George A., auctioneer
Logan, Susan, dressmaker
Murtagh, J. J., publican
M'Coo, John, pig dealer
M'Donald, J., postman; secretary Postmen's Federation
M'Gerity, Mrs. F., marine store dealer
O'Neill, Felix, flesher
Portadown Loan Co.—-Alex. M'Leurn, mngr
Quinn, Patrick, stationer
Rafferty, F., second-hand clothier
Reavey, James, fowl dealer
Sheil, P. J., publican and grocer
Sinnamond, D., posting establishment
Turley, Edward, dealer
Wright, John, baker
Wright, Margaret J., dealer
Wright, Elizabeth, dealer
Woods, J., clothes dealer

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