Portadown Business Directory 1901
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Mackenzie, Mrs., Seagoe House
Maconachie, Miss, baby linen warehouse, Bridge Street
Magee, James, painter, West Street
Magowan, Thos., provision merchant, West Street
Major, W., bill poster, Thomas Street
Marley, Miss, Bridge Street
Matchett, Benjamin, Edgarstown
Mauney, J., confectioner, Church Street
Metcalf, T., flesher, Bridge Street
Metcalf, W., grocer, West Street
Moffett, W. J., Photographer, Bridge Street
Monaghan, Lawrence, boat owner, Castle Street
Montgomery, Robert, house agent, Albert Terrace
Montgomery, George, undertaker, West Street
Montgomery, T. J., grocer, High Street
Morrison, Mrs., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Mortimer, Jos., relieving officer, Thomas Street
Mullan Bros., grocers, West Street
Mulligan, Timothy, spirit dealer, High Street

McAleer, J., V. S., Church Street
McAlinden, James, car proprietor, Obin Street
McAvinney, James, publican, West Street
McBroom, Isaac, cattle dealer, grocer, delf and seed merchant, High Street
McCammon & Sprott, pork curers, Obin Street
McCaghey, Jos., hide merchant, Woodhouse Street
McCann, Bernard, carter, Market Street
McCann, Wm. C., farmer, Derrymacfall
McClatchey, Robert, town clerk, commissioner for taking oaths
McClatchey, R. H., grocer and picture framer, Castle Street
McClatchy, Mrs., spirit dealer, Edenderry
McCluskey, J., shoe maker, West Street
McCluskey, John, pork buyer, West Street
McConville, John, grocer, Bridge Street
McConville, John, publican and grain merchant, West Street
McConville, John Ltd., Bann sawmills, coal stores, and peat litter depot, Castle Street
McConville, Mrs., spirit dealer and butcher, West Street
McCorry, Hugh, Drumcree
McCourt, Patrick, jun., poulterer, Obin Street
McCulloch, John, grocer, Castle Street
McCullough, Wm., house painter, West Street
McDowell, Andrew, grocer, High Street
McGiffen, A., tailor, Edward Street
McGredy, S. & Son, nurserymen and florists, Castle Street; seed warehouse, High Street
McIntosh, Thomas, grocer, West Street
McIlveen, Wm. J., grocer, High Street
McKell, James, baker and grocer, Market Street
McKeown, John, photographer, Bridge Street
McKinney, J., goods station master, G.N.R.
McKinstrey, Wm., coach builder, Thomas Street
McKittrick, W., insurance agent, Mandeville Street
McMullen, W., insurance agent, Armagh Road
McQuillan, Alex., grocer, Edgarstown

Neeson, Michael, publican, West Street
Nicholson, H. J., J.P., Crannagael, Loughgall

O'Connor, Rev. B., C.C., William Street
O'Hanlon, Felix, spirit merchant, High Street

Palmer, John, Thomas Street
Paul, David G., Erindale
Paul, Robert, ironmonger, High Street
Paul, William, & Son Ltd., drapers, High Street
Pedlow Bros., grocers, Market Street and William Street
Pickering, James Albert, publican, Clounagh
Portadown Manufacturing Co., Thomas Street
Porter, Miss, ladies' school, Thomas Street

Radcliffe, W., barber, West Street
Rafferty, Frank, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Reavy, John, egg and fowl dealer, Jervis Street
Redmond, Johnston, farmer, The Grange
Reid, Wm., printer, etc., Mandeville Street
Reid & Son, linen manufacturers and yarn dealers, Tarson
Reid, William, builder, etc., Edward Street
Reynolds, Alexander, grocer, Bridge Street
Richardson Bros., grocers and druggists, High Street
Richardson, Henry, Burnbrae House
Robb, Hamilton, steam power weaving factory
Robb, Seth, farmer and grain factor, Garvaghy Road
Robinson, Dawson, accountant, Fowler's Entry
Robinson, John, farmer, Druminally
Robinson, John, Ballybay Corn Mills
Robinson, Wm., Ballybreagh, Derryhale
Robinson, Wm., Lylo House
Ross, J. H., merchant tailor, Market Street
Rountree, John, general grocer, glass and china merchant, High Street
Rowlett, James L., M.D., Dispensary Medical Officer, Carleton Street
Ruddell, H., grocer, West Street
Ryder, C. J., Thomas Street
Ryder, Daniel, Edward Street

Sewell, John, bill poster, 36 Union Street
Shemeld, A., Drumese Cottage
Shepherd, J., Refuge Insurance Co., superintendent, Bridge Street
Shiel, Patrick, publican, Woodhouse Street
Shiel, P. J., grocer and publican, Woodhouse Street
Shillington, Henry, A.B., C.E., Bridge Street
Shillington, T. A., & Son, steam saw mills, iron, coal and timber merchants, Castle Street
Shillington, Thomas, Alta Villa
Singer Manufacturing Co., depot, Church Street
Sinnamon, David, car owner, Woodhouse Street
Sinton, Thomas, linen manufacturer, Market Street and Laurelvale
Sloan, A. G., solicitor, Ballyworkan House
Slowey, P., publican, High Street
Spence, Bryson & Co., weaving factory, Portmore Street
Stanley, H., grocer, Edgarstown
Stanley Bros., grocers and bakers, High Street
Stedmond, John, Derryanville
Stevens, H. W., seedsman, Thomas Street
Stewart, Thomas R., plumber, Church Street
Stewart, Wm., M.D., Millicent Terrace

Tate, John, boot factory, High Street
Tavanagh Weaving Factory
Taylor, Jas., sculptor, Woodhouse Street
Taylor, Rev. John, Primitive Methodist minister, Levaghery
Templeton, W. J., cabinet maker, Castle Street
Thacker, Rev. R. R., St. Saviour, Dobbin
Thompson, A. G., provision dealer, West Street
Thompson, Robt., butter and egg merchant, Church Street
Thompson, Wm., egg merchant, Parkmount
Thornton, Arthur, wholesale grocer, Thomas Street
Thornton, D., grocer, High Street
Topley, R. & J., grocers, West Street
Totton, J., victualler, Market Street
Trimble, F. R., draper, High Street
Tweedie, Wm., butcher, Bridge Street

Vallely, the Misses, confectioners, Woodhouse Street
Vaughan, James, agent for Castlebellingham Brewery, West Street

Walby, J. W., architect, Edward Street
Walker, John, C.P.S., Church Street
Wallace, Hugh, ironmonger and watch maker, High Street
Walsh, James, Drumcree Nursery
Walsh Bros., grocers, Woodhouse Street
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., power loom weavers, Watson Street
Watson, James, linen manufacturer, Devon Lodge
Watson, William J., Bridge Street
Watson & Dobbin, cabinet makers, Bridge Street
Watson & Sandford, grocers, High Street and Bridge Street
Waugh, John, book seller, High Street
Weir, Wm., house agent, Clounagh
Wightman, J., secretary Loan Co., Woodhouse Street
Wilson, J. Loftus, Ashgrove House, linen manufacturer, works, River Lane
Wilson, David, grocer, Thomas Street
Wilson, J. R., J.P., Ennismore Cottage, Birches
Wilson, Samuel, grocer, Edenderry
Wilson, S., & Co., linen manufacturers, West Street
Woods, John, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Wright, James, hog exporter, Woodhouse Street
Wright, James, publican, Obin Street
Wright, John, spirit dealer, High Street
Wright, Mrs. Joseph, undertaker, painter and cabinet maker, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Mrs. Joseph, confectioner, Bridge Street
Wright, W. H., solicitor, High Street

Young, J., M.A., printer and stationer, proprietor of "Portadown News"

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