Portadown Trade Directory 1840

A market and post town, in the County of Armagh, and province of Ulster, nine miles (N.E.) from Armagh, on the road to Belfast. This town commands the pass of the river Bann, and was anciently called Port ne doon,— the port of the fortified eminence, which name it derived from a castle of the Chieftains, M'Cann. Portadown derives its name fro the Irish 'Port an Dunain' which means 'landing place of the ferry'.

Portadown is chiefly the property of Viscount Mandeville, advantageously situated on the river Bann, across which is a secure bridge, with five arches. On the Northern bank of the river, is the suburbs of Edenderry.

This town is rapidly improving, and the trade done here is considerable. There are respectable shops, of every description, that could he expected in a country town. The river communicates with Lough Neagh on the one hand, and Newry Canal, on the other, and, being situated in the midst of a rich agricultural district, renders the corn trade considerable,—grain being sent to Newry and Belfast, for exportation. Here is one large distillery, the property of William Hutcheson, Esq., one brewery, and two branch banks, Ulster and Belfast, have been established ; also a comfortable hotel. There are places of worship for Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, and Methodists.


Appointed under 9 th GEO. IV., for paving, cleansing, and lighting the town of Portadown.

Messrs James Henry
Andrew Jelly
T. A. Shillington
Roger Marlay
H. Montgomery
Thos. H. Carlton
William Paul
Thomas May
John Shillingion
John O. Woodhonse
Thomas Sinhamon
Richard Edgar
Henry Jelly
Owen Devlin
Averal Shillington
Alexander M'Kee
Thomas Dawson
William Jackson
Henry Stanley
Robert Smyth

Chairman: William Joyce;
Treasurer: John Overand
Clerk: Daniel Bulla
Bailiff: Wm. Latchet


Thomas Sinnamon,
Thomas Shillington,
Joseph G. Woolsey


Belfast. Banking Company, (branch) High-street Manager—Thomas Sinnamon, Esq. Draw on Denison, Heywood, Kennard, & Co., London ; and National Bank, Scotland
Ulster Banking Company, (branch) Edenderry Manager—Thomas H. Carleton, Esq. Draw on Prescott, Grote, & Co., London; and Western Bank, Scotland Savings' Bank Treasurer—Thomas Sinnamon, Esq.


When not otherwise expressed, are resident in Portadown.

Alexander, Rev. Charles, Drumcree
Armstrong, James, corn and spirit merchant
Armstrong. Mrs, stamp distributor
Blacker, Colonel
Black, Rev. Robert, Methodist preacher
Bredon, Alexander, M.D.
Calvert, Charles, saddler and harness maker
Dawson, Thomas, baker, &c.
Dickson, John, M.D.
Devlin, Owen, spirit dealer
Edgar, Richard, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and Mandeville Arms Hotel
Fisher, M., haberdasher
Haughton, Benjamin, & Co., corn millers, Glenmills
Hutcheson, William, distiller
Hart, Joseph, baker
Henry, James, spirit dealer
Irwin, Rev. Charles King
Jackson, William, grocer and baker
Jelly, Henry, woollendraper
Jelly, Andrew, leather merchant
Joyce, William, woollendraper
Kerr, Rev. Alexander
Little, John, baker
Massaroon, Rev. Robert, Methodist preacher
Marlay, J. J., corn merchant, &c.
Marlay, Roger, corn merchant, grocer, &c.
May, Thomas, ironmonger and hardware merchant
May, William, watchmaker
Moneyponny, W. & J., corn merchants, &c.
M'Mullan, J., surgeon
M'Ginnis & Byrne, woollen drapers
M'Naghten, James, watchmaker
M'Kinley, James, saddler and harness maker
M'Kee, Alexander, baker, &c.
Morrow, William, saddler and harness maker
Montgomery, Hertford, grocer and baker
Newill, James, baker, &e.
Overand, John, corn merchant
O'Neill, Rev. James, P.P.
O'Hanlon, James, ironmonger and hardware merchant
Paul, William, woollendraper
Pepper, George James, solicitor
Robinson, Thomas, flax spinner, Druinnakelly
Richey, Joseph, grocer
Saurin, (Archdeacon) Rev. James, Sagoe
Sands, Joseph, baker
Shillington, T. A. general merchant
Shillington, Averal, woollendraper
Shillington, John, soap and candle manufacturer
Sinnamon, Thomas, general merchant
Smyth, Robert, distiller, Clantilew
Stanley, Henry, corn merchant, grocer, &c.
Sturgeon, J. A., M.D.
Shepperd, Miss, haberdasher
Todd, J. R., Esq., Ballintagart-house, and John-street, Adelphi, London
Walker, James, corn merchant
Wilson, John, brewer
Woolsey, Joseph G., corn miller and flax spinner, Ballybay
Woodhouse, John O., solicitor 1
Woodhouse, George, solicitor

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