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Annual Pupil Examination Register 1880

Lurgan Model School

On Wednesday, the 22nd December 1880, the annual public examination of the pupils attending the Lurgan Model School was held in the Boy’s Schoolroom, in the presence of a large number of the friends of education, and relatives of the children. The Examination of the various classes was conducted by Mr. Alexander Greer, Miss Collins, and Mrs. Gray, the head teachers of the boy’s, girls’ and infant schools respectively, and by Mr. Keatley, Mr. Fox, Miss Greer, and Miss Brown, the efficient assistant teachers. It is almost needless to say that the answering was eminently satisfactory, and fully maintained the high reputation the school has long since gained as an educational establishment. To all the teachers, and specially to Mr. Greer, to whose ceaseless labours the school owes so much of its success, the utmost credit is due, for the state of proficiency displayed by the children. The Singing Class, under the able leadership of Mr. R. Kent Atkinson, Organist of Lisburn Cathedral, acquitted itself most creditably in the rendering of an excellent programme of music. There are at present 420 names on the rolls of the school, and the average attendance during the past year was 345.

At the close of the examination Mr. Brown, District Inspector, mentioned that the per centage of answering at the private examination had been very high. The certificates were then distributed to the successful pupils by Mr. John Hancock, J.P., in the absence of Lady Lurgan.

The following is the List of Prizes.

Sixth Class (27 examined) Sixth Class (16 examined)
Thomas Belshaw, Diana McNabh,
William J. Cunningham, Annie Goold,
Joseph Maxwell, Elizabeth Imrie,
James Cush, Phbe Gamble,
William John Menary, Anne Stevenson.
Joseph Wetherall,
William Dixon,
William Gilchrist,
John Gilchrist.
Fifth Class – 2nd stage (23 examined) Fifth Class – 2nd stage (12 examined)
Henry Wright, Anne Patterson,
Joseph Black, Georgina Hamilton,
Thomas Dowey, Mary J. Robinson,
William John Dillon, Mary A. Ruddell.
Thomas Moffett,
William Lawder,
Henry Allan,
Henry Livingstone.
Fifth Class – 1st stage (31 examined) Fifth Class – 1st stage (17 examined)
George McCaw, Anne Gilchrist,
Francis McMullen, Adelaide Patterson,
Charles Fleming, Letitia McGeown,
William John Seawright, Jane Hanna,
William Hill, Lizzie Carrick,
Thomas McNabb, Hanna Williamson.
William Thomas Robinson,
William Redmond,
James Cumming,
John Burrell.
Fourth Class (39 examined) Fourth Class (14 examined)
Joseph Matchet, Sarah Ruddell,
James Allen, Eliza J. Fleming,
William J. Bunting, Sarah L. Cherry,
David Geddis, Eveline Baird,
Thomas Burrell, Anne Arbuckle.
William J. Ball,
Henry Maxwell,
James Phnix,
Gilbert Cordner,
Matthew Goold,
Robert Uprichard,
Thomas Taylor,
William Robert Ross,
Frederick William Doak,
John Lunn.
Third Class (25 examined) Third Class (10 examined) Third Class (13 examined)
Samuel Mahaffy, Lilly Neill, Alice A. Campbell,
Robert McNaughten, Jane Ruddell, Catherine Irwin,
Jacob Halliday, Anna Bullick. Bessie McClatchy,
Samuel Hill, Margaret A. Patrick.
Henry Turkington,
George Pollock,
Robert Young,
James Alexander Best.
Second Class (17 examined) Second Class (3 examined) Second Class (22 examined)
William R. Setters, Margaret Livingston James Taylor,
James Swails, Sarah J. Capper,
Robert John Ross, Plain Neddlework. Anne Carrick,
Edward Sullivan, Harriett Campbell, William H. Hill,
Samuel T. Setters, Priscilla O’Neill, William Bullick,
Frederick C. Alderdice. Annie Taylor. Henry Greer,
Robert R. Gray.
Plain Knitting.
Mary Taylor,
Jane E. Erwin,
Isabel McCaw.
Fancy Work.
Annie Anderson,
Letitia McGeown.
Brownlow Medal, 1880 – Superior proficiency in the School course.
Thomas Belshaw,
Henry Wright,
George McCaw,
Diana McNabb,
Annie Goold.
Brownlow Medal, 1880 – Superiority in Reading.
Charles Campbell.
Manufacturers’ Medal – Superior preparation of Home Lessons.
Joseph Wetherall, 90 per cent,
Annie Patterson, 97.3 per cent.
Manufacturers’ Medal – Exemplary regularity of attendance.
William Cordner – He has not been absent since 5th October, 1878.
Lizzie McGarrison – One day absent during the last three years.
Manufacturers’ Medal – Superiority in Neddlework.
Dinah McGeown.

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