Lurgan Business Directory 1939
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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MacGeagh, Mrs., High street
Magee, Miss, publican, Union street
Magee, P., fruit and fish dealer. Edward st
Magill, C. J., 61 Wellington street
Magill, Robert, Newsagent and Tobacconist. Agent for "Belfast News- Letter'' and Belfast Weekly News," 28 William Street
Magowan, Samuel, clothier. Union street
Maguire, Andrew, printer. Hill street
Maguire Bros., painters High street
Magurran, James. hardware store. Market st
Magurran. J., sculptor. Carnegie street
Mahaly, Henry, school attendance officer. Lough road
Mahaffv, James, rent agent. Church place
Mahaffy, Johnston, confectioner. Queen street
Mahaffy Johnston, linen manager. Gilford rd
Malcolm, Herbert C., Bengal place
Malcolm, S., grocer, Victoria street
Malcomson, J., Windsor avenue
Malcomson & Son, undertakers, Market st
Malcomson, Albert G. Church place
Martin, Ed., riding school, Watson's Lane
Martin, Miss, Windsor avenue
Martin, Thos., cycle agent, Market street
Matthews, J., hairdresser, Avenue road
Matthews, P.. dentist, Church place
Maxwell, Henry, manager, Beech park
Maxwell, James, confectioner William st
Maxwell, Mrs . grocer, &c., Edward street
Menary, James, Belfast road
Menary, T. G., & Co., solicitors, Church pl
Mercer & Brown, sewing factory. Union street
Mercer, Charles, Brooklyn house
Metcalf, Samuel, Castle gardens
Millar, Mrs., farmer. Garland avenue
Milltown Bleaching Co. (near Lurgan)
Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange, High street
Mitchell, Agnes G., teacher, High street
Mitchell, Miss, teacher, Avenue road
Moffet, Brown, grocer, William street
Moffett & Co., grocers, Queen street
Moffett, E. K., insurance & real estate agent, Windsor avenue
Moflitt, W. J., hardware merchant. High st.
Monroe, Frederick, designer. Union street
Monroe, Samuel, carpenter, Edward street
Moore, G., civil servant, Lough road
Morrow, Fred., boot merchant. High street
Morrow, J bank official, Market street
Morton, Jonn, Avenue road
Mourne Linen Co., Union street
Mullen, Miss, North street
Mullen, Miss, Newsagent, &c.. William st.
Mullen, Miss Louisa, teacher, Avenue road
Murray, A., painter and glazier, William st.
Murray, Edward, grocer, Brownlow terrace
Murray & M'Avoy, auctioneers & valuers. Church place
Murray, R., 33 Church walk

M'Alinden, J. fish merchant., Carnegie street
M'Allister, Andrew., factory manager, High st
M'Ardle, Miss, confectioner and grocer, &c., North street
M'Areavey. Joseph, publican Queen street
M'Cabe, Miss, confectioner, &c. North st
M'Cann, B., grocer, North street
M'Cann, E. & J., confectioners, Church pl
M'Cann & Lavery, painters, Edward street
M'Carter. James, draper. Market street
M'Cartnev, Ed., journalist, Windsor ave
M'Cauley', Miss, hairdresser. High street
M'Caw, Allan. A Co.. linen manufacturers, Tegnavin
M'Clean. R. H., barber. Queen street
M'CIeery, Thomas, draper. Victona street
M'Clure. Gilbert. William street
M'Clure, Samuel, draper. William st
M'Clure. Rev. W. J., B.A.. The Manse, Portadown
M'Cluskey. Mrs., Silverwood
M'Connell. J. R.. accountant. Windsor ave
M'Conville, John, grocer, Victoria street
M'Conville, Patrick, draper. North street
M'Conville, P. J., solicitor, Church place
M'Corry, Bros., Church place
M'Corry, William, victualler, Edward street
M'Crory, J., jeweller. 8 William street
M'Crory, Peter, shoemaker, Edward st
M'Cullough, James, confectioner, Williaim st
M'Cullough, Margaret, draper. Market st
M'Cullough, Thos., laundry, Union street
M'Cullough, Thos., Windsor avenue
M'Cullough, Thos., poulterer, Queen street
M'Cullough, Wilson, poulterer. Avenue road
M'Cusker, Hugh. victualler, Church pl
M'Cusker, Mrs. North st.
M'Dermott, W. cashier, Ulster Bank, Hill street
M'Dowell, D., M.A., teacher, Portadown rd
M'Entee, Michael, publican, William st
M'Evoy, John F., solicitor, Church pl
M'Fall, Moses, draper, Market st
M'Geown, James, hairdresser, William st
M'Glbbon, Andrew W., furniture merchant William street
M'Gibbon & Campbell, furniture dealers, Market street
M'Gibbon, David, plasterer, Ulster st
M'Gibbon, William. Contractor, Parkview st
M'Gibbon, William. Plasterer, North st
M'Gonnell, Mrs., Mile House
M'Grath Bros., builders & contractors, Avenue rd
M'Grath Bros., provision merchants, Avenue rd
M'Grath, Thos., Belfast road
M'Greavy, Patrick, Commercial hotel, Church place
M'Greavy, Hugh. tinsmith, Castle lane
M'Guigan, Charles, Church place
M'Guigan, Hugh, butcher, Edward street
M'Gurran, John monumental sculptor Carnegie street
M'Ilhargey, Miss, confectioner, stationer and newsagent, Edward street
M'Ilwaine, James, hairdresser, Windsor ave
M'Ilwaine', Richard, hairdresser, Queen st
M'Intyre Bros., painters Edward street
M'Intyre, Edward, grocer, Church pl
M'Intyre, Miss, delph merchant Church pl
M'Keown & Co., newsagents & fancy goods, Market street
M'Keown, Miss, grocer, Union street
M'Keown, Mrs., Newsagent and Fancy Goods, Agent for "Belfast News Letter and " Belfast Weekly News, Church Place
M'Kerr, George, hardware merchant., High st
M'Kerr, Richard, pawnbroker. High street
M'Kinley, E., hairdresser, William street
M'Kinstry, Henry, railway porter. Charles st
M'Menamy, Thos. grocer, North St
M'Mullan, Miss. Newsagents, North st
M'Mullen, Mrs. Sarah, publican Castle Lane
M'Mullen, Thos, publican Edward st
M'Murray, J.K. linen manufacturer Factory Lane
M'Murray, William. tobacconist and newsagents. Market st
M'Nabb, William. chemist, Church place
M'Naghten, James, plumber &co. Avenue rd
M'Nickle, William, grocer, William st
M'Sherry, P., bootmaker, Edward st
M'Veigh, James, publican, Edward st

Advertisement ~ Robert Graham

Neill, C. W, solicitor, Haddington House
Neill, James, Frederick pl
Neill, Norman, hairdresser, William st
Nesbitt, James, Waringstown road
News. John. publican. Edward street

Orr James, bootmaker, Charles street
Osborne, Meredith, Gilford road
O'Connor, Kathleen, victualler, Church pl
O'Hagan, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Dean Daniel P.P., V.G., North street
O'Hagan, Francis. Fruiterer, Church pl
O'Hagan, Henry, poultry merchant, Edward st
O'Neile, John, High st
O'Neill, Chas. S., publican, Churcd pl
O'Neill, Edmund, Church place
O'Neill, Monica, publican Church pl
O'Neill. Paul, publican Sunnyside

Palmer, Jas. W., grocer and provisions merchant, Market street
Paragon Linen company, Castle lane
Parks, Joseph, carter, Wellington street
Parks. Mrs., confectioner. Windsor avenue
Patterson, David, newsagent, High street
Patterson D., confectioner. William street
Patterson,' Joseph, wireless shop. Church pl
Patton, Mrs., boot warehouse, Market street
Pedlow, Edw., cycle agent, William st
Pedlow, Robert. M.B. B.Ch., dispensary doctor, Lurgan No. 1
Pedlow, Thos, B., M.B. Surgeon, Market st
Pentland, Robert. H., Star Hotel William st
Percy, William J. cycle agent, High st
Plenderleith, Peter. Beech Hill House
Plenderleith, Thomas. poultry and fruit farmer, Beech Hill House
Pollock, J. clerk, Windsor ave
Pollock, Mrs. Florence villas .
Poots, J., undertaker, Church pl
Porter, Rev. David. B.A.. The Manse, Avenue rd

Quinn, J. P., &co., Ltd. grocers, Market st

Rankin, Thos., grocer, Queen street
Rawle, Wilfred, cashier, Hill street
Rea, C., 33 Church place
Rea E. ice cream merchant., North st
Rea, Harold. Waringstown
Reid, Jas., Francis street
Reid, Miss. Draper, Market st
Reid, W. B. publican, William st
Richardson. John H., mechanic, Avenue rd
Ripley, John, photographer. William st
Robinson, Francis, painter. Union st
Robinson, James, grocer, Queen st
Robinson, James, clerk, William st
Robinson, J, Gilford road
Robinson, Mary M., milliner, William street
Robinson Thos., wireless agent, Queen st
Rogers, Richard, clerk, Queen street
Ross, Charles, manufacturer, Windsor ave
Ross, Hugh, yarn merchant. High street
Ross, Wm. R., manufacturer, High street
Ruddy, John, grocer. Union street
Rusk, John, grocer, Union street
Rusk, Mrs. E., manufacturer, Hill street
Rusk, W. J., & Co., manufacturers, Hill st
Russell. Alexander, postman, William st
Ryan, Gerald, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., William street
Ryan, Geraldine, dentist, William street
Ryan, Mrs., William street

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