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Try to keep your search as simple as possible and only use a surname, rather than the full name, for best results. If you want to find a specific name and surname combination, type it like so in the search box: AUSTIN, James. A surname search will also bring up all variations of that name. You can also search by year and place of burial.

Spellings have not been changed and are as the original record. Precise spelling is really a very modern phenomenon so it is quite typical to have records for the same family appear under a variety of spellings. "Grady", for example, could just as easily be spelled "Gready" or "O'Grady". A first name could easily be listed as a nickname, not just in the more "formal" form. "Brigid" could be Anglicized as "Bridget", or appear as one of its nicknames, either "Bridie" or "Delia".

The Next of Kin, is the Spouse unless otherwise stated. See the Gravestone image or War Grave page where available for more information.

If you have any death records that you would like to add to The Lurgan Deaths Directory, we would love to have them. You can send them to us via the Contact link at the bottom of the page. Our thanks to all those who have contributed records to the index.

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