The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

Runs from Union St. to Malcolm Road

2 Maxwell, Annie
4 Creaney, Annie
6 Cosby, Ada
8 Burns, Alexander
10 Carson, Ellen
12 Steele, Catherine
14 Barnett, Richard
16 Menary, Catherine
18 Burns, Margaret
20 Adams, Elizabeth
22 Quaile, Elizabeth
24 Burrell, June
26 Bingham, George
28 Beckett, Alfred
30 McNeill, Frederick
32 Lennon William
60a Crozier, Annie
60b Abraham, Frederick
60c Minnis, Frances
60d Walker, William
62 Sloan, James
64 McCreanor, Leonard
66 Richardson, William
68 Dale, Thomas
70 Cousins, Eric
72 Greer, Mary E.
74 Hamilton, William
76a Collins, James
76b McCluskey, Brendan
76c Gracey, Elizabeth
76d Monroe, Emma
78a O'Neill, Desmond
78b McCaughey, Mary
78c Whitmore, Martha
78d Dowds, Edith
80 Findlay, Robert J.
82 Keegan, Thomas R.
84 Ashe, Anna
86 Woods, Samuel J.
88 Leeke, John

Russell Drive

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