The Protestant Householder Returns 1740
Surnames A - D
Compiled by Ken Austin

High st and Market st Lurgan

In 1740, the Irish House of Commons required the compilation of returns of Protestant householders in the North of Ireland. The work was undertaken by the Hearth Money collectors in their various 'walks'. The original records of this survey were destroyed in Public Record Office of Ireland in 1922, but copies survive in the Tenison Grove transcripts and are entitled the 'Londonderry Survey'. In spite of the title the collection includes counties outside Londonderry, covering parts of Co. Antrim, Armagh, Down, Donegal and Tyrone. Information is provided for 37 parishes in Co. Londonderry, 21 in Co. Antrim, 4 in Co. Armagh, 2 in Co. Down and 3 in Co. Tyrone.

This was in contrast to the later 1766 Religious Census which was compiled by the local rectors. Because the compilers of the 1740 returns were tax collectors the areas surviving for a county reflected the "Walks" which they followed. A transcript copy of the Protestant Householder's list is available at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (T.808/15258).

Abraham, Michael - Lurgan
Adare, John - Shankill
Adly, John - Lurgan
Ady, Robert - Lurgan
Ady, Thomas - Lurgan
Allan, James - Lurgan
Allan, Thomas - Lurgan
Allan, William - Lurgan
Allen, Philip - Lurgan
Allen, William - Lurgan
Andrew, Mr. - Shankill
Antwisell, Widow - Lurgan
Antwisile, John - Lurgan
Asher, Mr. - Shankill

Banton, Thomas - Lurgan
Baras, John - Lurgan
Baras, Thomas - Lurgan
Barby, William - Lurgan
Barett, Charles - Lurgan
Barnwall, William - Lurgan
Barr, Widow - Lurgan
Barry, John - Shankill
Barton, John - Lurgan
Barton, Mrs. - Shankill
Beck, Widow - Lurgan
Bell, Nathaniel - Shankill
Bell, Nicholas - Lurgan
Bell, Samuel - Lurgan
Bell, Thomas - Lurgan
Bell, Widow - Lurgan
Bellow, Mr. - Lurgan
Bellshy, Robert - Lurgan
Bellsy, Widow - Lurgan
Bellsy, William - Shankill
Belsy, Richard - Shankill
Bick, John - Shankill
Bilshy, Joseph - Lurgan
Bittin, Isball - Shankill
Black, Brice - Shankill
Black, John - Lurgan
Black, Thomas - Lurgan
Bodell, Daniel - Lurgan
Brabagan, John - Lurgan
Bracky, George - Shankill
Bradford, Robert - Lurgan
Brance, Mrs - Lurgan
Braty, David - Lurgan
Bridgett, Len - Lurgan
Britcher, Hana - Lurgan
Brown, John - Lurgan
Brown, John - Shankill
Brown, Joseph - Shankill
Brown, Moses - Lurgan
Brown, Robert - Lurgan
Brown, Thomas - Lurgan
Brownlow, Betty (Lady) - Lurgan
Bryans, Thomas (1) - Shankill
Bryans, Thomas (2) - Shankill
Bulcher, Richard - Lurgan
Bullock, Moses - Lurgan
Bumbridge, Widow - Shankill
Buntin, James - Lurgan
Burden, Henry - Shankill
Burly, James - Lurgan
Burns, Edward - Shankill
Burns, Richard - Lurgan
Burns, Robert - Lurgan
Burry, Jo - Shankill
Bushil, Neal - Shankill

Calfill, Katherine - Lurgan
Camill, Allexander - Lurgan
Camill, Charles - Lurgan
Cammill, William - Lurgan
Camock, Michael - Lurgan
Campbell, John - Shankill
Campbell, Neal - Lurgan
Carbury, Thur - Lurgan
Carmichael, John - Shankill
Carmickill, Daniel - Shankill
Carroll, John - Shankill
Castells, Widow - Lurgan
Castles, William - Lurgan
Cavart, Mathew - Lurgan
Cavart, Thomas - Lurgan
Ceke, Stand - Shankill
Chambers, James - Lurgan
Chambers, John - Lurgan
Chambers, Robert - Shankill
Chapman, Richard - Lurgan
Chapman, Widow - Shankill
Cherry, Michael - Lurgan
Christy, James - Shankill
Christy, Samuel - Lurgan
Clark, Andrew - Lurgan
Clark, James - Shankill
Clark, Robert - Lurgan
Clark, William - Lurgan
Colwell, Hugh - Shankill
Coplan, Hary - Lurgan
Corner, Charles - Lurgan
Corner, Francis - Shankill
Corner, Henry - Lurgan
Corner, John - Shankill
Corner, Robert - Lurgan
Corr, Phe - Lurgan
Crab, Thomas - Shankill
Cratan, Alexander - Lurgan
Creaner, Patrick - Lurgan
Cretty, Patrick - Shankill
Crooks, John - Shankill
Culbartt, William - Lurgan
Curry, Thomas - Lurgan
Cusinan, Bryan - Lurgan

Darah, John - Lurgan
Davey, James - Lurgan
Davis, Patrick - Lurgan
Davison, Elizabeth - Lurgan
Dean, Widow - Lurgan
Dergan, Thomas - Shankill
Dillan, Mary - Lurgan
Dixon, Richard - Lurgan
Doherty, Fran - Shankill
Domikan, Dan - Lurgan
Donalson, John - Lurgan
Doud, John - Lurgan
Dovey, Mrs. - Lurgan
Dowd, Arthur - Lurgan
Doyl, Daniel - Lurgan
Duglas, James - Lurgan
Duglas, William - Lurgan
Duhat, Thomas - Lurgan

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