Lurgan's Dead from The Great War 1914-18

Joseph McCorry


Sergeant McCorry, Joseph
150th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery

who died on
3rd November 1917

Additional Information:
Letter to James Malcomson, Lurgan, from J. McCorry, Royal Garrison Artillery: 12th June 1915:

“Dear Sir – I hope you will excuse me taking the liberty of writing this letter to you. We have great difficulty in getting our hair cut, as we have no implements, and have to use a pair of old horse clippers that have six teeth broken. We would all be grateful to you if you could supply the section a set of hair cutting implements. We have been out here since 18th of last August, and having experienced the inconvenience of long hair through the hot weather, we are anxious to make precautions against it for the coming summer. We have seen by the “Lurgan Mail” that an enormous amount of gifts have been sent out to our brave comrades, but none have reached us.

We have had a very trying time of late, but are getting things a little easier at present. It is needless to explain to you the cruel work of the Huns, but it makes ones’ heartache to see the condition they have left some of the poor peasants homes. I draw this letter to a close, hoping you will not be offended by our making this request.”

Lurgan Mail: 17th November 1917:

The mother-in-law of Sergeant Jos. McCorry, R.F.A., who resides in Charles Street, has received intimation of his death in action. His wife and family reside in Belfast.

Joseph McCorry's name was added to the Lurgan War Memorial in 2018.

Grave or Reference Panel Number:
XII. E. 10.

from information supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

We make this information freely available to genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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