Lurgan's Dead from The Great War 1914-18

Herbert Daley

Chatham Naval Memorial

Ordinary Seaman, Daley, H.
H.M.S. Pathfinder Royal Navy

who died on
5th September 1914. Aged: 21

Additional Information:
Son of George and Sarah Ann Daley, of Queen St, Lurgan.

Chatham Naval Memorial
Grave or Reference Panel Number:

H.M.S. Pathfinder was sank, by German Submarine U-21, under the command of Kapitan-Leutnant Otto Hersing, H.M.S. Pathfinder had a crew of 268, only 18 of the crew survived the sinking

H.M.S. Pathfinder survivor Staff Surgeon Thomas Aubrey Smith, from Dromore, writes to his mother: 1914:
The explosion blew a great hole in the side of the ship. I was at the time in the wardroom, but ran up on deck immediately, and it was evident by the way the bow was down in the water that she would sink rapidly. I should say the whole thing occurred in about ten minutes which time was spent in throwing overboard the few articles which would float, the reason there was not more of these was that in preparation for the war all unnecessary wood work is got rid of to prevent fire. I was then thrown forward by the slope of the deck and got jammed beneath a gun, which I suspect is the cause of my bruising, and while in this position was carried down some way by the sinking ship, but fortunately after a time I became released and after what seemed like interminable ages I came to the surface, and after swimming a short time I was able to get an oar and some other floating material with the help of which I was just able to keep on the surface.
After holding on for a long time, I believe it was an hour and a half, I must have become unconscious for I have no recollection of being picked out of the water. You see we were alone when it happened, so it took a long time for the reserve torpedo boats to come out and it was too quick to get any of our own boats out, besides most of the few we had were splintered into pieces.

from information supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Our thanks to Richard Edgar for additional information.

We make this information freely available to genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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